Visiting the Farm

Whether you're coming to cut-your-own flowers, pick up an online order, meet with Emily for your wedding flowers or are coming to the farm for a workshop, here are a few notes to help find the farm!

Mapleton Acres Flower Farm
Address: 7352 16 Line, Arthur
(We're on Google Maps!)

A few notes:

  • Please do not use Apple Maps to find the Farm.  Lately it seems to be taking people to very wrong locations.
  • Google Maps will find the general area, but most likely try to convince you to drive into a farmer's field.  Please do not drive into the field.
  • Mapleton Acres is in the trees just north(ish) of that field.  You'll find the entrance to our driveway is indicated by a green fire number sign reading "7352" and silver gates (the trees do like to hide these).
  • Depends on the time of the season, there may or may not be a Mapleton Acres sign out front.
  • Our laneway is very long, so drive all the way down it (through the trees) until you reach the house and studio.  It's longer than you think.
  • Park in front of either of the buildings and we'll be there to greet you!

If you have any troubles finding the farm, please reach out to us via text (226-220-0838).

For our Flower Farm Shop Hours, please click here.